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The Koperasi Usahawan India Malaysia Berhad (KUIMB) also known as Malaysian Indian Entrepreneurs Cooperative (MIEC) is an organisation established by like-minded individuals with the objective of uplifting the socio-economic status of the Malaysian Indian community. Cooperatives are registered under the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism.

KUIMB Strategic Plan

KUIMB - Goals

KUIMB Objectives

  • To create a network of Enterprising Professionals and Entrepreneurs
  • To source sufficient capital to venture in to business
  • To have a portfolio of strategic investments in med-long term
  • To have a portfolio of strategic investments in medium to long term
  • To create business opportunities for members
Surendran is an entrepreneur who has over the years developed a diversified business portfolio. During this period, he realised that through collaborative networking amongst passionate individuals much more can be achieved to build a network of entrepreneurs and raise capital. Cooperatives are ideal business entities to achieve these objectives. He is confident that together with his dynamic and youthful Board members, this Entrepreneurs Cooperative can scale greater heights by building on the foundation laid by the predecessors. The aim is to create a sustainable entrepreneurial community way beyond our time.Come join us on this journey to develop an Entrepreneurial Cooperative

Datuk Surendran Menon


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